Week 1 of the 4 week no sugar challenge

This is week one of my 4 week no sugar challenge.

This week was not to bad... I had cravings for sweets but I would get rid of them by eating a bunch of fruit. The fruit was mostly grapes, melon, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. I plan to eliminate the fruit by week 4 as well.

I also stepped up my steps, here is what my fitbit chart for the week looks like

As you can see a little over 169,000 steps and 222 floors. I also did 3 runs this week, each one between 25 and 25 minutes. It also helps that at my job they have a 4 week step challenge that just started so I am even more motivated to crank up my number of steps.


Some of the food I ate this week: paella, stuffed peppers, lentil soup, pork chops, Swiss chard, lots of tomatoes. You can see the paella in the picture below

Paella Green Zebra tomato


I picked up a whole bunch of heirloom tomatoes from the farmers market, they taste delicious this time of the year. The green zebra tomato in the picture above was the best of all.

My weight hasn't changed but that is mostly because it was my wedding anniversary this week so I had some 'extra' food



The 4 week no sugar challenge

Photo by Tom Magliery  

Photo by Tom Magliery


I decided to do a 4 week no sugar challenge. My goal is to see if I can actually do this and to also see how much I will crave sugar and if the cravings will go away by week 4.  The reason I am documenting everything is so that I don't fall of the bandwagon and it is also nice to see later what worked, what did not and what I had the most difficulty with. I will create a post for each week where I will document weight lost (if any), what I was doing, what I was eating, how active I was and how I felt. 

It is also nice that at work they started a 4 weeks race the states step challenge so that should increase my step count as well

My plan is to do the following

  • Week 1: no sugar, candies, deserts, chocolate etc etc
  • Week 2: start running 4 times a week with a minimum of 30 minutes per session
  • Week 3: eliminate fruit and replace with vegetables
  • Week 4: start doing some body hacks like cold thermogenesis

So that is the plan, nothing fancy but I just want to see if I can completely eliminate (added) sugar and sugary foods,  and not have any cravings after the 4 week period. I am also interested if I will get that 2 PM hunger spike or elimination of brain fog.  I will keep you posted

This will start on Monday August 11th  5 AM and will end on Monday September 8th 5AM

IFTTT launches Space channel

If This Then That has launched a space channel. The Space Channel is a native IFTTT Channel powered by NASA, Open Notify, Mars Atmospheric Aggregation System, and How Many People Are In Space Right Now

Here are some of the recipes which I find interesting

IFTTT Recipe: Read the week's ISS On-Orbit Status Reports every Sunday morning connects space to email-digest
IFTTT Recipe: Tweet when the season changes on Mars! (As detected by the Curiosity Rover) connects space to twitter IFTTT Recipe: Did an Astronaut enter space? Find out by iOS Notification connects space to ios-notifications IFTTT Recipe: Save breaking news reports from NASA to my Pocket connects space to pocket
IFTTT Recipe: Log each time the ISS passes overhead to a spreadsheet connects space to google-drive

You can see these recipes and more on IFTTT's space channel: https://ifttt.com/space

Financial district and Brooklyn

Took a little stroll near the office today, decided to go to South Street Seaport. There is this place which has benches and some plans/bushes, you see a lot of people doing exercises and Tai Chi. Here is a picture of this place facing Brooklyn

Here is a picture of the same place facing the financial district in lower Manhattan

There are also a bunch of ships located at the South Street Seaport, Some of the ships are

  • Peking, a 1911, four-masted barque
  • Wavertree, an 1885, fully rigged cargo ship
  • Pioneer, an 1885 schooner
  • Lettie G. Howard, an 1893 schooner
  • Ambrose, a 1908 lightship

You can see some of them in the picture below

Finally, here is also a video I shot from the place..enjoy

How Union Street Guest House created a social media disaster...

The Union Street Guest House decided to make sure that nobody leaves a 1 star review by threatening people who do. Here is what they emailed a guest that stayed at the place and gave it a 1 star review

"please note that your recent on-line review of our Inn will cost the wedding party that left us a deposit $500.  This money be charged via  the deposit they have left us unless/until it is removed.  Any other or future reviews will also be charged to the wedding party (bride & groom) from the guarantee they have provided us. "

Well today this hotel was featured on hackernews and if you go to yelp now you will see over 400 one star reviews for this hotel

Here is what the breakdown looks like, 426 one star ratings

Here is what their facebook page ratings look like now

f you have the Web Of Trust plugin installed, you will also note that the site has a poor rating, here is a screenshot I took

So basically instead of focusing on service and maybe contacting the people who left a 1 star review to see what could have been done differently, they decided to threaten people. I think management needs to pick up the book The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk to learn how to deal with social media.

Back in the day it was word of mouth and a bad experience didn't reach that many people...nowadays it is a different story and old businesses need to adapt or they will be left behind......

Of course most of the 1 star reviews are from people who saw the story and decided to 'punish' the hotel, they never stayed at the hotel..I don't think that is fair either...there are people working at this hotel who could lose their jobs because management screwed up... always think of the consequences of what your actions might cause.

Tweet Topic Explorer, shows you your most tweeted topics

Saw this tweet from Brent Ozar yesterday

I decided to check it out, here is what my topics look like

Clicking on any of the circles will show you the tweets you posted with that topic, here is what it looks like when I clicked on Movie

You can check this out yourself for your twitter account or any that you are interested in, visit the site here: Tweet Topic Explorer

Check labdoor to see how good your supplements are


Earlier today I listened to the latest Ben Greenfield podcast The Crazy, True And Scary Facts About The Supplement Industry.    In this podcast Ben interviews Neil Thanedar from Labdoor.  Labdoor test supplements by buying the supplements straight from retail shelves and sites, this way the manufacturer  can't send them one thing that tests well while they sell crap. 

Here is how Labdoor tests their producs

We buy products in the same fashion as the
average consumer - through retail stores
and online sites. No manufacturer-supplied
samples are permitted at LabDoor.
Prepare samples icon    
We collect one unit of each product, record its lot
number and expiration date, capture high-quality
photographs of the label, and send it to an 
FDA-registered laboratory, qualified and
selected by LabDoor, for a chemical analysis.
Collect laboratory results icon     
Products are received by the chemists and
run through a series of analytical chemical
assays to measure active ingredient content
and identify potential contaminants.
Data calculations icon    
Results collected during the chemical analyses,
plus the values on each product's Supplement
Facts label, are entered into LabDoor's product
database, where a series of calculations are
automatically generated.
Convert data into ratings icon         

Based on these calculations, LabDoor's
proprietary algorithms create ratings for each
product along five axes - label accuracy, product
purity, nutritional value, ingredient safety, and
projected efficacy.
Calculate grades icon         

These five ratings are combined to create a quality
score, which is used to generate a single, A-F letter
grade for each product, along with two rankings that
estimate which products are expected to provide
the "highest quality" and "best value%quot; for consumers.
Create product reviews and reports icon         

Our scientists review the results, grades, and
rankings, and write reports that summarize our
findings. Finally, our technology team builds web
and mobile applications that deliver all of this
information where and when you need it most.


The site is not that old so they don't have that many products but it is a good idea and hopefully they will have a ,lot more products in the future


You can check out the site here https://labdoor.com/