Join the UEFA Champions League Fantasy League

I created a fantasy league for the UEFA Champions League

You can click on the following link to join :

Now you can have a team that has Ronaldo, Messi and other greats all playing for you.


If you are into the English Premier League, you can also join the league I created here: EPL Fantasy League...Join the RealFootball... league

Podcasts I listen to

Since it is Labor Day Weekend (or it will be in 4 hours for most people) I decided to do a post about podcasts.  Since I started running again, I noticed I consume a lot more podcasts. Here is a list of the podcasts that I listen to currently

.NET Rocks

This show is not only focused on .NET but also on other technologies, I admit that I don't listen to every single show, I do like the geek outs however

Barbell Shrugged

A podcast about crossfit and working out in general

Ben Greenfield Fitness

A podcast about health, health improvement by trainer and triathlete Ben Greenfield

Bulletproof Radio

Podcast by Dave Asprey about health, body hacking and being better in general

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

A must subscribe to podcast if you are interested in history, comes out once every 3 months, make sure to listen to the 5 part series the Wrath of the Kahns

DH Unplugged

Podcast by money manager Andrew Horowitz and tech pundit John C. Dvorak


Podcast by Scott Hanselman, mostly focused on technology

Motley Fool Money

Finance podcast by the motley fool guys

Robb Wolf The Paleo Solution Podcast

Podcast focused on nutrition, fitness and lifestyle, primarily focused on the paleo lifestyle and diet

S & A Investor Radio with Frank Curzio

Finance podcast by Frank Curzio who used to write for The first 5 minutes of the shows are always entertaining, usually it is Frank ranting about life in Florida

Talk Nerdy with Cara Santa Maria

I 'discovered' Cara Santa Maria on the Joe Rogan podcast, she is an interesting lady and now has her own podcast

The Disciplined Investor

A finance podcast with Andre Horowitz, always interesting and always has interesting guests as well

The Fat Burning Man

Abel Jame's podcast focused on real food and getting real results, he is also the author of the Wild Diet book

The Health Bridge

Drs. Sara Gottfried and Pedram Shojai's podcast about healty living

The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan's (fear factor, comedian, UFC commentator) podcast about all kinds of things, usually runs for 3 hours and always has interesting characters on

The Tim Ferriss Show

From the guy who brought you the books the 4-hour workweek, the 4-hour body and the 4-hour chef comes a podcast with interesting topics and interesting guests

TWIT(This Week In Tech)

Leo Laporte's weekly show about tech, has always interesting guests on, and it was the first podcast I subscribed to back in 2005


Every week Leo Laporte talks to a giant/revolutionary person in tech

Windows Weekly

Podcast with Paul Thurrott of the Super Site for Windows and Mary Jo Foley of All About Microsoft,  focused on Windows, Xbox, Windows Phone and All things Microsoft (and yes even Hadoop)


That was the list, any of these that you listen too or any suggestion for ones that you really like but it is not on this list? If so let me know in the comments.


Bottomless drinks for brunch... results predictable

Pranna restaurant located at 79 MADISON AVE (@28th ST) NYC 10016 offers a brunch for $45 where you can drink as many mimosas, bellinis, screwdrivers and sangrias as you like. What could go wrong with such a offering?

Here is a 10 minute video showing you what happens.....   People Spill Out Of Pranna After Brunch Intoxicated and Fall down, urinate, and vomit. It appears many people exit Pranna extremely drunk

Sadly I had to let go of 3 guys today

I decided to get rid of 3 guys today, these 3 guys are:

  • Crouch
  • Wilshere
  • Bacuna

These players didn't contribute anything or at the most 1 point to my overall score. I dropped from 2nd place to 7th place so far this week, there is still a game left and four of my players still have to play, these players are: Zabaleta, Lovren, Sterling and Dzeko.


I am also thinking of getting rid of Oscar and Rooney, I will give them 2 more weeks, think of it as a probation period.

I am thinking of adding Angel Di Maria once he completes his move from ReaL Madrid to Manchester United sometimes this week


Week 2 of the 4 week no sugar challenge

This is week two of my 4 week no sugar challenge.

I am down 4 pounds from a week ago. I had sugar a couple of times. My son made delicious biscotti so I had two of those and also I had an ice cream bar twice. I ran 4 time this week and my total step count was 163K

Ate a lot of vegetables this week from the farm where we get our box from, the farmers market as well as from Whole Foods and Whole Earth. Also picked up some grass fed beef and pork chops from a farm nearby. Had sardines and lemon sole. All in all not a bad week

The step challenge we have at work is going well, so well as a matter of fact, that I already am 100K over the steps required for a 4 week period

Week 1 of the 4 week no sugar challenge

This is week one of my 4 week no sugar challenge.

This week was not to bad... I had cravings for sweets but I would get rid of them by eating a bunch of fruit. The fruit was mostly grapes, melon, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. I plan to eliminate the fruit by week 4 as well.

I also stepped up my steps, here is what my fitbit chart for the week looks like

As you can see a little over 169,000 steps and 222 floors. I also did 3 runs this week, each one between 25 and 25 minutes. It also helps that at my job they have a 4 week step challenge that just started so I am even more motivated to crank up my number of steps.


Some of the food I ate this week: paella, stuffed peppers, lentil soup, pork chops, Swiss chard, lots of tomatoes. You can see the paella in the picture below

Paella Green Zebra tomato


I picked up a whole bunch of heirloom tomatoes from the farmers market, they taste delicious this time of the year. The green zebra tomato in the picture above was the best of all.

My weight hasn't changed but that is mostly because it was my wedding anniversary this week so I had some 'extra' food