Results of the How did YOU improve your tech skills survey

The other day I created a blog post titled How did YOU improve your tech skills? In this post I gave some example of how to improve your tech skills and I also created a survey to find out what the most popular methods were. Here is an image of the results



And here are the same results in text form

  • 82.26%  Read books, read code, read blogs
  • 41.94%  Get training
  • 41.94%  Answer questions
  • 32.26%  Go to conferences
  • 30.65%  Blog
  • 29.03%  Attend usergroups
  • 24.19%  Listen to podcast, watch webinars
  • 17.74%  Lunch and Learns
  • 16.13%  Practice by doing katas
  • 14.52%  Get involved with an open source project
  • 14.52%  Get a tech subscription like pluralsight
  • 08.06%   Write a book

It is obvious that most people like to use reading as a means of improving their skills. I am really surprised by the low ranking of doing katas, involvement with an open source project and getting a tech subscription. Those 3 should be higher in my opinion. I am also very surprised that writing a book got 8%...I thought that it would be maybe 2 percent or so


So are you surprised by the results?

Remember to read How did YOU improve your tech skills? to get more info about each of the ways of improving your skills