Is the resume dead?

Day 4 - Resume

I saw that Brent Ozar and Co were hiring a new person. The interesting part is that they did not want to see a resume. Here is what they asked for

To Apply, Send Us Two Things

First, we need to know where you’ve spoken recently and what you talked about. This can include all sorts of public speaking– it doesn’t have to be technical.

Next, tell us how you give back to a technical community. (It doesn’t have to be the SQL Server community.)

Don’t send us your resume. We only want the two items listed above right now.



When I applied for my current job, I didn't give them my resume either, instead I gave a high level overview of what I did in my then current role, I also gave them my Stackoverflow link, and my blog link. During the interview a resume never came up. In the end I did have to email a resume, this is because the HR system requires it.

So what do you a resume as important as it was in the past or is it more important that people can judge you on your blog posts, the ability to answer great questions, speaking ability, github repository etc etc